Spreading the Joy

* HEADS UP! The fully functioning version of this blog won’t be running until late 2014. Go ahead and read on, but know that this site is in its very rough stages. Come back soon for a better read 🙂

Once upon a time I’d notice miserable parents and swear I’m never going to be like that when I have kids!

Then I had kids. And I started acting like the bitchy mom and wife I swore I’d never be.

Sound familiar?

If we don’t look after ourselves, we become stressed-out and bitter. Then we criticize,  get impatient, and act mean to those we love. But when we’re peaceful and content, we’re more patient, kind and creative. It’s a win/win for ourselves and our families.

The idea behind this blog is to share simple, immediate ways to have more joy and less stress with our spouses, kids, and selves. I’ll share my ideas. You share yours. It can be as simple as choosing a time to end your “shift” at home, or setting the dinner table in the morning to make your evening more peaceful.

In the meantime, may the ideas here stimulate a better and more joyful life with your family.


Anita Love

3 thoughts on “Spreading the Joy

  1. Hello Ms. Anita,

    I hope you are doing well. Are you the same Anita Love who wrote the wonderful story “No more overtime,” from an old published book for the Chicken Soup for the Soul that takes about multitasking mom’s survival guife? The story, however, touched my heart and soothed my soul in a very positive way.

    Best wishes,
    Hamza Hassan
    Saudi Arabia

    • Hi Hamza,

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I wrote “No More Overtime.” I’m glad you found it helpful. Were you experiencing a lot of “overtime” in your life too? I am curious how the story impacted you. When you have a moment, I’d love to hear more.

      Please excuse the current status of this blog. I have not had time to maintain or update it, and will be changing it significantly in the upcoming year.


      Anita Love

      • Hello Anita,

        You have a very nice sense of humor. I laughed when you said Derek was deliberately oblivious to your resentment and dilemma with the home errands. My wife, however, is doing the same thing with me and envying me for flipping through the TV channels even though I’m helping her with some small things here and there. I also smiled when you down counted the minutes before your shift ended.

        God created mothers in a very special way, filled them with unconditional love for their children and husbands, and made them strong enough to shoulder their responsibility. Their hearts are the loveliest masterpieces of His heart. Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs since the payment is pure love. Surely, it is your turn now to get your paycheck, your family’s pure love.

        Have a relaxing day (I’m sue that there is no relaxing day for a true mother like you),

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